Business mail from Google is easy

Transfer corporate mail to Office 365 and Google Apps for business solutions.

Build and configure your own mail server for your company.

Monthly service of corporate mail, mail servers and services.
Corporate cloud email
Fast implementation of corporate email as the most efficient and reliable way to transfer information within the company.
Business mail from Office 365
We translate our clients to business mail from Microsoft Office 365. Information about plans below.

The cost of corporate service from Microsoft company starts from $15 per 1 user per month. You can learn more about the Exchange Online tariff plan here.

Microsoft Office 365 offers more than 7 tariff plans, under various functions and tasks. We help our clients to choose the most suitable one.
E-mail service includes:
1. Planning and preventive work is a scheduled scan of the mail server, availability of free disk space, processor load, etc. checking installed software versions and their Update if necessary.

2. Troubleshooting E-mail-This is a diagnosis of the cause of failure, work to restore the health of mail services.

3. Mailbox administration is diagnostics, works on restoration of service of mail services and mail clients.

4. Spam protection in mail messages is the provision of hardware and software operability, configuration, technical support, update of anti-spam system versions.

5. Administration of corporate Services is the administration of shared address books, calendars, public folders and other collaborative tools.

6. Support for remote access to corporate mail-is to ensure the work of users who are outside the office, with corporate mail via the Internet.
Corporate cloud email

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Corporate cloud email


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Corporate cloud email

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Corporate cloud email

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If your company needs its own mail server, you have reached the right page!

At Standserv You can order the configuration of the mail server on any operating system.

We will be glad to offer further support and maintenance of your mail server.

Our company also performs the modernization of mail servers, migration of business mail from the server to the server and updating of the operating system of the mail server.

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