Standserv company is a professional developer of document management systems, electronic and paper archives, business processes and corporate content, the expert of the SED/ECM-Systems in the US market.

We offer various boxed solutions, universal platforms with the possibility of configuration, as well as specialized developments for different industries.
Paperless, docflow solutions
Implementation of effective paperless solutions
Development and active implementation of electronic document circulation began in the 90s, when the South Florida market has a large number of programs to automate the office. Since then this industry has been actively developing. More and more organizations are striving to introduce a system of electronic document management to increase the efficiency of working time and to minimize the cost of manual processing of documents.
Our systems allow:
- To form a unified information space of the company;
- Streamline joint project and document collaboration processes
- Automate business processes, establish accounting and control the implementation of decisions and tasks;
- To create a single database of electronic documents;
- To introduce legally significant electronic document circulation using electronic signature;
- Minimize the time spent on routine operations;
- To manage documents outside the office and participate in the company's work-use our mobile applications;
- Achieve a new level of efficiency in the work of the units and the company as a whole.
Paperless, docflow solutions

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Paperless, docflow solutions


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Paperless, docflow solutions

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Paperless, docflow solutions

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The solutions developed by Standserv allow to create sed of any scale:
- For small and medium-sized organizations;
- For large holdings with remote branches;
- In all authorities of the states.

The company provides services in the implementation and maintenance of document management systems and teaches users of programs. By contacting Standserv you can:
- Choose a ready-made software product with sufficient functionality, as well as additional applications that enhance the possibilities of "boxed" products for document and information management;
- Order adaptation of the finished product to specific business processes of your company;
- To create the application system of automation on the basis of the developed Standserv solutions.