The service and its preceding fine tuning are required by the servers of any company. It is important for the manager to understand that the reliability of the server equipment depends on the quality of labor duties of your employees, and sometimes their performance in general. In the event of a failure, your specialists will lose access to important information, as well as not be able to go online and send e-mail. That is why it is essential to provide professional server configuration and maintenance. In any organization, sooner or later the question arises about the need to attract specialists to work with the server and computer network. IT outsourcing allows to reduce the number of system failures to the possible minimum.
Server maintenance (Windows, Linux, IOS)
IT support of Windows, Linux and IOS
Need to buy server?
We offer a server on the platform Super Mikro, a 3-year warranty. You can order a server of any configuration! Send a request to buy a server or call us at the office.

If you do not know what configuration you need, our engineers figure your needs and you will get exactly the preconception that you need. Remember that server resources should be stocked to your needs. Call us we will help you to purchase the server, configure it and, if necessary, set it to the date center.
Server Maintenance
Trust the Server service to professional engineers. Our team has vast experience in server maintenance.

Each server has its own roles and services. The server role is the purpose it serves.

Today, servers for small and medium businesses are quite powerful and perform several roles, such as:
- Active Directory
- File Server
- Terminal Server
- Print Server
- Application Server
- Mail server
- Web server
Server maintenance (Windows, Linux, IOS)

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Server maintenance (Windows, Linux, IOS)


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Server maintenance (Windows, Linux, IOS)

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Server maintenance (Windows, Linux, IOS)

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We will promptly answer the tasks and promptly solve the problems with the health of the server and its services. If you want to know what is happening with your server IT infrastructure, contact our company for IT audit.

We are always ready to help you and in the shortest possible time to make all works connected with server of your company, and also to provide subscriber service of servers.