Telephony service support

We sell mini PBX Panasonic, LG-ERICSSON and other manufacturers.

We configure, repair and manufacture the chief-installation of a mine PBX. We make installation of the cable system for telephony.

- High speed and efficiency of work of our experts at detection of failures in work of your mini-PBX;
- Constant support of your employees by phone;
- Any advice on technical issues that relate to the order and rules of use of mini-PBX;
- Discounts on the subsequent extension of the telephone network in your company;
- Fast delivery of equipment.
Maintenance of telephony
Fast support with discounts for any telephony technical issue.
Make a request to buy a mini PBX: (Buy: Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Siemens, LG-ERICSSON)

Today it is impossible to imagine the work of a large office or company without telephone conversations with customers and customers, suppliers and intermediaries.

For the normal functioning of the office requires high-quality telephone communication, which directly depends on the performance of the company, as well as efficiency in working with potential customers and business partners. A client who will not be able to reach you at the right moment will simply contact another company and use its services.
Mini-PBX Installation Services may include the following works:
- Development of an individual project of the Office network;
- Installation works on the device of communication lines;
- Direct installation of mini-PBX;
- Connection of mini-PBX and necessary equipment;
- Carrying out of commissioning works;
- Work on setting up a mini-PBX;
- Delivery of mini-PBX into operation, assistance in the development of new equipment.
- PBX Setup
Maintenance of telephony
Maintenance of telephony

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Maintenance of telephony


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Maintenance of telephony

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Maintenance of telephony

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Telephony service
You can conclude a contract with the company Standserv for maintenance and repair of mini-PBX in the offices and enterprises of your company.

Quite often, our clients receive calls with a request to reprogram or set up a mini-PBX, as in the operation of such equipment there are failures. If initially the mini-ATS was not set up by the specialist, then during the further operation there may be inconveniences, and in the future it is necessary to reapply for help expending additional funds.