Modern computer networks open to us, in the literal sense of the word, a "window" into the virtual world, combining two or more computers. Thanks to computer networks, we can quickly get all the information we need, learn the latest news about the activities of a company, transfer tens and hundreds of gigabytes of useful information to other users, strengthen Partnerships, etc. Speaking in a more accessible language, networks are a collection of wires or cable systems connecting one computer to another (local networks) or a computer with a modem.
Network setup and maintenance
Properly configured and maintained local network is foundation of business stability
The setup is carried out in strict accordance with the previously created and established technical task, containing such important information as the type of cable system used, recommended ways of connection, etc. correct setting Network equipment is a reliable guarantee of efficient and uninterrupted operation of the entire system over a long period of time.
What determines the price and time for setting up and testing the cost?
You can find out the exact cost after receiving information about the office equipment and diagnostics. What is the determining factor in this matter? The amount of hardware to be connected and configured. It also depends on the amount of time required to carry out the planned work.
Network setup and maintenance

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Network setup and maintenance


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Network setup and maintenance

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Network setup and maintenance

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The following works are included in the maintenance of the LAN/SCS network:
1. Planning and preventive work is a scheduled check of the active network equipment, installed versions of the software, their updating (if necessary)

2. Troubleshooting network problems-it is diagnostics, elimination of failures of network equipment and software. Solve problems related to data transfer and voice over the corporate network. Coordination of equipment repair

3. Administration of active network equipment-is the configuration of network equipment: security settings, performance, etc.

We will always be glad to check, reconfigure, service your network equipment.