The activity of any organization is a collection of interacting business processes. Business process – a set of activities aimed at converting inputs into outputs for the purpose of producing products or providing a service that satisfies the requirements of the consumer. Competitiveness and profitability of the enterprise directly depends on the efficiency of business processes.
Automation is a way of managing business processes using information technologies. For today, this approach is used in a variety of areas and its choice does not depend on the size of the organization.

- Analysis of the existing situation in the company, studying the current needs of the enterprise;
- Selection of the optimal solution from a wide range of available software products;
- Setting up the system and its implementation in the company, including training the staff in the basics of work.
For practical execution of description, analysis, optimization and automation of business processes there are many different techniques, approaches and software products, working training and consulting organizations.
Business automation

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Business automation


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Business automation

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Automation, standardization and simplification of any business processes involves creation of a special information system of the enterprise. This system allows to carry out the most effective management of the enterprise. Thus, all departments of the company have the opportunity to interact more closely with each other.

Solutions of Standserv company are distinguished by its flexibility and scalability and increase of turnover, reduction of costs and personnel almost immediately after implementation.