Remote 24/7 IT support services is made with the consent of the client and consists in the safe access of our specialists to the technical means, for the most rapid response to minor problems in the system. During the remote access connection, the client's employees are able to monitor the actions of our specialists by adjusting their actions. That allows you to make the "computer service of organizations " service more efficient. This service allows you to quickly respond to most problematic issues and solve them in the shortest possible time. The reaction time for the processing of this type of application takes-from 5 minutes.
24/7 IT support services
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After signing the contract with our company, we will take care of all the worries connected with your Internet provider, hosting and telephony.

Access to customer data is limited to a narrow range of specialists. Moreover, if the system administrator serves the printing service, he will no longer have printing clients. After all, he can accidentally talk about something even just in conversation. We are very strict about the confidentiality and personal data of our clients.
24/7 IT support services

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24/7 IT support services


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24/7 IT support services

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24/7 IT support services

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The guarantees are documented.

-Since the beginning of cooperation with us, the number of accidents and problems is constantly dropping.

-The responsibility for the operability of your computer network is borne by a specific technical specialist/project manager. There is no "algal" responsibility for different people and departments.

-The settings of your computer network correspond to the best practices of Microsoft, CISCO, 1c and other software manufacturers.

-Maintenance is carried out in accordance with the Quality Management standards ISO 9001 and ISO 20000