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IT-outsourcing services: it’s all about people and the approach

The popularity of outsourcing IT services is explained not only by the effectiveness of this approach, but also by the obvious economy. The cost of IT-service under the contract is much lower than the involvement of several permanent specialists in the staff. And outsourcers have a very real motivation: if we work poorly or slowly, we will quickly find a replacement. That's why we try. Always.

StandServ is a team of positive and open people engaged in an interesting business. Outsourcing of IT services for us is not only a job, but also a hobby, to which we give a lot of free time. IT sounds a little loud, but StandServ experts consider IT a bad form to not know something. If IT were possible to divide the total volume of profile knowledge into each employee, and then measure this value, then StandServ would definitely have taken its rightful place among other similar companies in Miami Florida.

We justify the expectations of customers

About 40% of all our customers are companies that came to StandServ after an unsuccessful experience in getting IT services elsewhere. We identified three main problems of IT-outsourcing in Miami South Florida, because of which some organizations have to look for new contractors:

Too large outsourcer. The problem of the giants of IT services is the inability to keep the quality of work at a constantly high level. The more customers, the less valuable is each individual employer. First of all, because of this, small and medium business suffers.

Too expensive outsourcer. Another problem of IT-service organizations is the growing appetite of contractors. Today, when not every company can afford extra expenses, this too becomes a serious obstacle.

Too irresponsible outsourcer. Professional IT-outsourcing services suggest a quick and effective response to customer problems. Every hour of forced downtime brings losses, and considerable. When the IT-infrastructure is occupied by people who are irresponsible, IT becomes a real disaster.

The difference between StandServ is that we took into consideration and eradicated each of our problems in advance. Our company is not so great as to afford to lose even one client. We do not expose the sky-high prices for outsourcing IT services, while maintaining a stable and not aggressive price policy. And instant response to customer requests is an advantage, which we are rightfully proud of.

When ordering subscription service in StandServ, you get a full set of advantages without any "but" and "possible". For each individual client is assigned not only a personal manager, but also an IT-specialist (or several). The principle of personal responsibility is that wonderful motivator that has been working well in our company for more than a year.

Pros of IT services from StandServ

Like every company that takes its work seriously, we have several special advantages that we very much want to tell you about. So, outsourcing IT services from StandServ is:

Only the right types of services. You are protected from appearance in the contract of superfluous positions which are simply not necessary for your organization. In fact, only those IT outsourcing services are provided that will be useful and needed, we do not increase our budget due to clients' lack of knowledge.

Protection against any information leakage. Under no pretext, no one-expert StandServ will ever use your information or any other data for personal purposes, will not make IT public and will not pass IT on to any controlling authorities. This is a question of professional honor and personal dignity, only criminals cross IT. StandServ does not have such people and will never exist.

Full technical support. We are ready to advise your employees around the clock and without looking at the clock. The subscriber's IT-service from StandServ implies the absence of any limits for consulting.

Competence in work. According to the number of cities where IT is in demand today IT-outsourcing, Miami ranks first in South Florida. Accordingly, the demand for strong specialists is especially high. And yet we managed to assemble a team of real professionals who are well versed in the IT-sphere. Any specialist from the StandServ team knows much more than what is required of him, and therefore we help even where others make a helpless gesture.

Flexible charging. You can order IT-service for the whole organization or just a few offices. In each case, a separate tariff will be developed for you, providing for a specific amount of work. We simply do not have cases when for the minimum IT-outsourcing of the service an "averaged" amount is requested.
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